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Are you a Tipster, Are you good in Soccer & Football prediction? Got a sure match or soccer prediction? post it on MybetNG and make money, Share your Football Prediction now. MyBetNg welcome good Tipster with sure daily winning soccer prediction.

How to Contribute as a Tipster
1. Create an account on our platform
2. Filled in the required detail's in your Account Setting
3. Click on "Add Prediction" at the left margin".

1. Please no copy paste of prediction from other websites or other members! - Write your own prediction
2. No crappy prediction, baseless and pointless prediction
3. Write according and for your reader's to read, enjoy and understand.
4. No fake prediction, Unconfirm info or details!

1. Only good prediction and betting tips with full write up.
2. When posting about prediction - CHECK DEMO OF HOW TO POST PREDICTION, Insight and details.
We provide ₦500 Naira bonus per Soccer Prediction Match you won. Everyone is eligible as far, you are winning your predicted match.

Tipster contributor Rules: Each match you won, You will be credited ₦500 Naira bonus per match. If you lose a match, You will be debit ₦700 Naira Bonus from your MybetNg bonus (Which means, You need to keep winning to be able to cash out your money)

Minimum Withdraw: You can request your bonus, when you have ₦2,000 Naira balance in your MyBetNg account.
  • done_all I'm a Tipster
    Write or post a prediction, Share your best prediction daily with the "share icons" to your friends on social to gain more view, make sure to win your prediction or betting tips to get ₦500 Naira Bonus per match.
  • peopleContributor's Bonus
    Each match you won, You get ₦500 Naira and Each match you lose we deduct ₦700 Naira from your bonus account.
  • monetization_onAmount & Payments
    Minimum Withdraw: is ₦2,000 Naira
    Payment methods: Bank, Paypal, Airtime Card
    Withdrawal: This take 24 hours, after sending your info to the admin